Infographic: 9 steps to deliver a perfect speech

Writing the text is only part of the preparation necessary to ace a public speaking engagement. Consider these insights.

You think you know what you want to say.

You’ve thought about your audience and considered the important tone you should strike. You’ve even practiced your speech out loud and edited the parts that fall flat.

Have you done enough?

This infographic from Venngage offers a simple flow chart with step-by-step directions on how to sail through your next public speech.

Important steps include:

  • Analyze your audience. What is their background? What demographic are you addressing?
  • Establish objectives. Know exactly what you want this speech to achieve.
  • Prepare for delivery. Whether reading from notes or going from memory, you must practice.

See what other steps you must take, and consider creating your own step-by-step plan by consulting the full infographic.


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