Infographic: How color changes the perception of your message

What hues, shades and tones are the best fit for your brand goals and your organization’s objectives? Consider these insights to help you decide on an ideal palette.

The colors you use send a specific message to your audience.

When designing your visual style, whether that’s on a website or in print, it is important to know what emotions you want your reader to feel.

Do you want the reader to feel a sense of stability? Brown might be a good hue to lean on. Excitement? Red and yellow are good fits. The shade can make a difference, too, with sky blue giving a sense of freedom and self-expression. Royal blue signals trust and honesty.

These are just a few of the insights in this infographic from Vowels about how color can coax an audience to change their opinion about you and your message.

Some key insights include:

  • As much as 90% of what determines a snap decision about your product is influenced by color.
  • Around 95% of businesses use just one or two colors in their branding.
  • Both men and women report liking blue most (57% and 35% respectively).

To learn more about what colors are the best fit for your branding and style, read the full infographic.


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