Infographic: Visual marketing statistics to guide your 2019 efforts

Are your images and infographics keeping your readers engaged? Consider these tips on how to keep your visual content ahead of the curve.

Content might be king, but some content types perform far better than others.

Savvy marketers know that visual design is an essential element of their content strategy. The internet loves a striking image—and blog posts with huge paragraphs of dense industry jargon are barely skimmed, much less read carefully.

Is your content going to stack up against the competition?

This infographic from Venngage shares important statistics for marketers looking to add visual interest to their messages.

Key insights include:

  • Eighty-eight percent of marketers say they use visuals in more than 50 percent of their published pieces.
  • Stock images are the most common type of image (40 percent).
  • Original graphics and infographics perform the best online.

To learn how to properly engage your readers and web visitors with dynamite imagery, read the full infographic.


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