Infographic: What can help your content sizzle this year?

Be transparent and authentic in your messaging, partner with complementary companies and don’t ditch long-form writing. This guide shares more content marketing trends for 2019.

It’s past time take stock of your content marketing efforts.

Crafting quality, original content is a great way to drive website traffic, boost SEO, establish yourself as an authority and build trust at a time when a premium is places on brand authenticity. Most consumers don’t even mind marketing content, as long as it provides value.

What worked in the past might, though, not necessarily translate into success this year.

Which trends should you keep an eye on and implement into your content strategy?

Three Girls Media provides the strategies and tactics that will help your content sing in 2019 in this infographic.

Top insights include:

  • Provide your content in diverse formats, such as podcasts and video.
  • Google values long-format content very highly.
  • Ensure your marketing efforts focus on building a personal connection with audiences.

The full infographic dives into these and other tactics that you should be employing to achieve content marketing success.


One Response to “Infographic: What can help your content sizzle this year?”

    Lilian M says:

    I love that you created an infographic to talk about how to create quality content. Right now in my public relations class, we are making infographics to call people to action. I like seeing it being used to help people have a better year. Thank you for creating and sharing!

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