From the Museum of Public Relations: Motown honors PR legend Ofield Dukes

A fascinating glimpse into PR history.

A plaque given by Motown Records in honor of Ofield Dukes.

This artifact is shared in partnership with the Museum of Public Relations. 

Ofield Dukes was born in 1939 in Rutledge, Alabama, and passed away in 2011. Dukes’ work included advising all Democratic presidential candidates since 1968 and many other political and cultural figures. His work focused on strengthening the relationship between Washington and Black leaders. Throughout his career, he worked with other renowned corporate clients, including Lever Brothers, Anheuser-Busch, CBS Records, AT&T, the National Bankers Association, the National Education Association and the Treasury Department. He retired a few months before his passing.

The plaque was gifted to Dukes from Motown Records. Motown was among the first clients as Dukes launched his public relations firm, Ofield Dukes & Associates, in 1969. The plaque is today housed and displayed by the Museum of Public Relations in downtown Manhattan.

“Motown Records Gratefully Acknowledges Ofield Dukes, A Living Legend and a Public Relations Pioneer. In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate your legacy, significant contributions to Motown Records, and your lifetime commitment to the field of Public Relations and Communications.”


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