PR Daily’s top stories of 2019: Nos. 21–30

What were the stories that most resonated with you in the past year? We take another look at our countdown of the most-shared stories on PR Daily.

The December holidays are already in the rearview mirror, and the first day of 2020 is approaching fast.

We just have a few days left to think about the year that we’ve shared together—and we’re counting down some of our readers’ favorite stories from 2019.

Here are Nos. 21–30:

  1. Communicators struggle to contain video of mass shooting in New Zealand
  2. Wendy’s responds to Chance the Rapper with social media gold
  3. 2020 vision: The top 5 emerging trends in marketing and PR
  4. 13 methods for achieving your writing goals
  5. What influencer marketing will look like in 2019
  6. Use these 41 words to go beyond just ‘good’
  7. Infographic: Essential micro-influencer marketing stats for 2019
  8. Infographic: Why social media marketing is essential
  9. 10 spellbinding examples of social media storytelling
  10. Infographic: Top graphic design trends


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