Snap stops promoting Trump, Wendy’s dedicates Twitter feed to Black voices, and Lucasfilm stands behind John Boyega

Also: How COVID-19 is eroding company culture, HBO Max and Bon Apétit offer BLM resources, and more.

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Following actor John Boyega’s passionate speech in which he said his remarks about George Floyd’s death and Black Lives Matter might end his career, Lucasfilm tweeted its support along with a link to Boyega’s words:

Though the official Disney account did not reply to Boyega, it previously tweeted the following messages:

Deadline reported:

After executives Bob Chapek, Bob Iger and Latondra Newton sent out a memo to staff on May 30 pledging “real change” in race relations and diversity, Disney today pledged $5 million to support nonprofit organizations that advance social justice. The company said that supports starts with a $2 million donation to the NAACP.

It’s crucial to support your employees and partners, especially in times of crisis. Consider how you can do that along with giving your workforce’s people of color a platform in which to share their thoughts and feelings. Doing so can strengthen trust and help amplify important messages.

Here are today’s top stories:

Snapchat stops promoting Trump

The social media app’s parent company, Snap, announced that it would no longer feature Presiident Trump’s Snapchat account in its Discover section of the app, though his profile remains on the platform.

In a memo to employees, Snap’s co-founder and chief executive, Evan Spiegel, wrote:

As for Snapchat, we simply cannot promote accounts in America that are linked to people who incite racial violence, whether they do so on or off our platform. Our Discover content platform is a curated platform, where we decide what we promote. We have spoken time and again about working hard to make a positive impact, and we will walk the talk with the content we promote on Snapchat. We may continue to allow divisive people to maintain an account on Snapchat, as long as the content that is published on Snapchat is consistent with our community guidelines, but we will not promote that account or content in any way.

It is never too late to turn towards love, and it is my sincere and earnest hope that the leadership of our great country will work towards our founding values, our raison d’être: freedom, equality, and justice for all.

Until that day, we will make it clear with our actions that there is no grey area when it comes to racism, violence, and injustice—and we will not promote it, nor those who support it, on our platform.

Why it matters: Snap’s decision follows Twitter’s move to add fact check and other warning labels to Trump’s tweets. However, fighting fake news and misinformation—along with standing up against racism and discrimination—isn’t only the responsibility of social media platforms. Brainstorm with your team how your organization and its employees can uphold your brand’s mission and values while also supporting truth, diversity and inclusivity.


Wendy’s committed its Twitter account to “amplify black voices.” The fast food chain’s account has more than 3.7 million followers.

The response is receiving kudos as consumers applaud the chain for acting outside of a donation. As other organizations respond to the ongoing protests, be prepared to be called out if you’re not backing up your words with a plan of action or solutions that help unite and include all voices.


Clutch reported that despite organizations’ efforts to create a virtual company culture, nearly two-thirds of employees are spending less time socializing with each other during COVID-19:

Image coutesy of Clutch.

It’s an important statistic to note as communicators look to support employees throughout the current crises and support mental and emotional wellness.


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HBO Max and Bon Appétit offer BLM resources

 HBO Max is offering up the first season of “Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas” for free on YouTube throughout June. The show’s initial season examines policing in the United States:

Bon Appétit published an updating list of Black-owned restaurants across the U.S. as well:

Why it’s important: The efforts stand out as simple ways to invite consumers to engage, learn and act. They support the brands’ voices while also being part of the race relations conversation. As more organizations get called out for simply tweeting support without any action behind their messages, it’s crucial for communicators to find ways to offer resources and solutions in ways that align with their mission and values.


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 We asked how your leadership was speaking up, both internally and externally, about the racial injustice in America during the protests over the death of George Floyd.

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