State of PR 2020: More than half of PR pros cite engagement to prove value

What other ways do your peers show their worth? What tools are they using? Which social media metrics are tops? New research from Talkwalker delivers the crucial answers.


PR pros are stepping up and into roles not traditionally part of their jobs. And it’s happening globally.

What used to be key to the PR pro’s role—media relations—is no longer a top offering. SEO, once viewed as primarily a technical skill, has become a common PR component. And social media is no longer regaled to a department siloed from PR, as is reflected in the top PR offerings from Talkwalker’s State of PR 2020 report:

  • 77% social media management
  • 77% content marketing
  • 67% influencer marketing
  • 56% link building for SEO

The State of PR 2020 report, based on feedback from 3,700 respondents, is packed with insights into how PR and marketing communication pros measure achievements, use social media analytics and define their roles worldwide, all as the lines separating PR, marketing, social media and digital continue to blur.

As important as knowing what’s working for your peers is determining which opportunities you should capitalize on.

Although 52% of respondents said engagement is a key metric to prove the value of their work, only 17% consider share of voice as a key metric. Ranking higher? Advertising value equivalency.

Other opportunities ripe for the picking: 80% of PR corporate positioning for senior executives isn’t driven by social media analytics—a missed opportunity for reputation and crisis management—and just 15% of PR pros globally use social media listening tools to take advantage of newsjacking.

Changing PR role

In partnership with YouGov, the State of PR 2020 reflects what we know to be true: Online listening responsibilities are no longer confined to the social media manager alone.

While still important, media coverage isn’t the king of a PR report. Social media analytics is tops, as image and video analytics grow in influence.

The report also offers several free resources, including crisis management templates, metric lists to monitor, an online reputation management guide, top PR tools, and a list of Instagram influencers from the U.S., India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Germany, Australia, Singapore, the U.K, the Philippines, Australia.

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