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CSR & Diversity Awards

Changing the world doesn’t happen without strong communications support.

Whether you’re trying to end world hunger, empower people living with disabilities or foster a more diverse workplace, these ideas from Ragan’s 2023 CSR & Diversity Awards will get your creativity ready to make a difference. Read on for practical ideas you can implement in your organization. And to find your name in our next article, enter this year’s awards by April 26.

Winner for ESG Campaign: PepsiCo Foundation’s Food for Good

The challenge: The PepsiCo Foundation wanted to promote its Food for Good campaign to help achieve an ambitious goal of zero hunger worldwide. To do that, they needed an aggressive omnichannel campaign to spread the word to make people aware of global hunger and empower them to make a difference. This campaign would also Help expand Food for Good from the United States to 28 countries.

The solution: “The Journey to Zero Hunger” podcast featured conversations with food security experts and influencers like Lauren Bush Lauren. With each episode shared on social media using the hashtag #journeytozerohunger, the Foundation donated meals to a partner nonprofit, resulting in 6,000 meals donated across the United States.  The Journey to Zero Hunger podcast garnered 3,490 downloads and 7.5 million audio impressions.

The “FFG Changemakers” video series showcased local leaders making a sustainable impact on food security in their communities, earning 11 million views. Finally, sales of a custom tote bag also contributed meals to children.

The idea to steal: Don’t just tell people why they should care – show them. Incorporate storytelling in formats that people already enjoy in order to ensure you aren’t just preaching but truly educating and entertaining.

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Winner for E&I Campaigns/Initiatives: Media Relations: Genentech

The challenge: Even though more than a quarter of the U.S. lives with a disability, many can’t find clothing that is accessible to their needs and as expressive as their personalities are. Additionally, stereotypes of people living with disabilities doesn’t show them as stylish or independent. Genentech wanted to change all that.

The solution: The Double Take campaign collaborated with 15 members of the spinal muscular atrophy to stage a prelude runway event at New York Fashion Week. The event featured ADA-compliant amenities and an on-site ASL interpreter to ensure accessibility. Genentech facilitated a livestream hosted by popular YouTubers Shane and Hannah Burcaw, who actively engaged with the SMA community, resulting in over 222,000 views and widespread online engagement.

The campaign’s media outreach garnered 140+ earned media stories, with prominent outlets like People, Daily Beast and Forbes covering the event and its core messages of disability visibility and adaptive fashion. Vogue praised Double Take, noting that the fashion industry has much to learn from such initiatives, while Elle listed it among the top five NYFW moments.

The idea to steal: Look for ways to subvert expectations and shatter stereotypes. Involve marginalized groups in your campaigns at every phase and empower them to tell their own stories.

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Winner for Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment: Alorica

The challenge: The largest minority-owned business process outsourcing provider in the country, Alorica, wanted to champion its diversity in a way that felt tangible. With a workforce of 61% women globally and 72% employees from minority backgrounds in the U.S., diversity is critical to Alorica’s success.

The solution: Alorica engaged diverse and experienced leaders to lead interactive “Real Talk” sessions in which employees discussed issues critical to them, including localized topics such as disabilities, veterans, empathy, LGBTQ+ Pride, mental health and cultural awareness. The Real Talk sessions also featured advice on leadership and career development.

The learnings from these sessions were consistently shared across the organization, including via quarterly newsletters and recordings available on Alorica’s intranet. The sessions had strong attendance, fostering meaningful conversations and emotional connections. Their dedication to diversity also strengthened CSR partnerships with key clients, resulting in greater interest in DE&I from the workforce, leaders and clients.

The idea to steal: Alorica’s commitment to diversity shined through in both their actions and their communications – a powerful combination. Not only did they hold these sessions, they also kept up a constant communications drumbeat to support them both to employees and to clients, resulting in a stronger culture overall.

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