Digital Marketing Certificate Course

Channels, Tactics & Strategies

June 13, 20, 27 | 1-3 p.m. ET | Three consecutive modules

Register for this immersive three-part certificate series to develop your digital marketing skills across email, social media, content marketing, SEO and beyond.

It’s one thing to develop exceptional content, but in a digital world inundated with information, that top-notch content will only get lost in the void if you can’t reach the right audiences and persuade them to act. Leveling up your digital marketing skills can help you unlock attention and action for your organization — and yourself.

In this three-part online course, expert instructors will equip you with the tools, strategies and savvy to create powerful marketing content, deliver it to targeted audiences, incite them to act — and measure effectiveness every step of the way.

Together we’ll discover what it takes to craft and develop compelling, laser-targeted content marketing, emails, social copy, videos and more that persuade and sell. You’ll find out how measurement tools, AI and other emerging innovations can make you a faster, more effective marketer, build brand affinity and get results across paid, organic and programmatic marketing campaigns. We’ll also dive into the world of influencer marketing and creator relationships and find out how to quantify those results.

The digital marketing skills in this course are applicable across nearly any organization. The lessons you’ll learn here will prepare you for competitive agility in every industry and discipline.


You'll learn to:

  • Compose emails, social media copy, video scripts and content marketing that convince and convert.
  • Find your audience and speak to them where they are in language that prompts them to act.
  • Create captivating digital assets and copy more efficiently with the help of AI.
  • Work with creators and influencers to achieve measurable marketing objectives.
  • Launch and track the success of paid and organic marketing campaigns.
  • Get the recognition you deserve and level up your career.


Hone your digital marketing skills in just a few short weeks. You’ll receive assignments, a certificate of completion and resources you can apply in your organization and your career.

Week 1
June 13, 1-3 p.m. ET
Foundations of Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns

This module lays the groundwork for successful digital marketing campaigns, focusing on essential principles such as content marketing, crafting compelling copy for social media and email, and mastering the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll also explore what’s needed to develop a successful influencer or creator partnership and ensure their messaging stays on point.

Attendees will learn:

  • Storytelling Secrets: The fundamentals of marrying a top-notch narrative with content marketing and how to create engaging content that resonates with target audiences.
  • Targeting Tactics: How to identify your audience and reach them across platforms.
  • The Art of the Sell: Techniques for writing persuasive marketing copy tailored for social media platforms, email marketing campaigns and even video.
  • SEO Savvy: Strategies for optimizing content to improve search engine rankings, attract leads and increase organic traffic through organic and paid SEO.
  • Content Collaborations: How to work with influencers and creators, and ensure they have autonomy while confirming that brand purpose and objectives shine through.
Professor in Strategic Communications
The University of Louisville
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Project Manager, Marketing Strategy
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
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Week 2
June 20, 1-3 p.m. ET
Digital Marketing Tools and AI Applications

Explore a range of digital marketing tools and channels, and discover how artificial intelligence (AI) can streamline digital marketing strategies, improve their effectiveness and simplify tracking and measurement. From analytics platforms to automation tools, attendees will gain insights into practical applications that can streamline processes and enhance campaign performance. Discover strategies for integrating tools into marketing workflows to improve efficiency.

Attendees will learn:

  • Unlocking AI-Powered Marketing: The role of AI in digital marketing and its applications across content creation ideation and predictive analytics.
  • Building Your Arsenal: How to decide which tools you need, from social media monitoring tools like Sysomos and Sprinklr to management dashboards such as Sprout Social and influencer trackers such as AspireIQ.
  • Maximizing Content Marketing: Learn how to leverage common content marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Mailchimp to track and analyze campaign performance.
  • How They Did It: Case studies showcasing successful campaigns, the tools marketers used to succeed and their impact on business outcomes.
  • Prompt Optimization: Create the best, most targeted prompts to generate creative, efficient, and engaging content — and learn how to navigate ethics and data privacy concerns and implement best practices around the use of AI.
Professor in Strategic Communications
The University of Louisville
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Week 3
June 27, 1-3 p.m. ET
Measuring the Success of Organic and Paid Marketing Campaigns

Success in digital marketing is meaningless if you can’t measure it. You’ll learn how to set meaningful KPIs, track key metrics and utilize data-driven insights to optimize campaign performance and maximize ROI for your digital marketing campaigns across paid and organic email, content marketing, social media and video — including programmatic. We’ll also explore how to quantify the value of of creator and influencer partnerships, and how to ensure they’re working for your organization.

Attendees will learn:

  • Goal Setting: Strategies for setting clear objectives and KPIs for digital marketing campaigns, and how measurement differs across paid and organic campaigns.
  • By the Numbers: Techniques for tracking and analyzing key metrics across various channels, including impressions, clicks, conversions and ROI — and understanding which metrics matter most.
  • Understanding Your Audience: Best practices for using audience data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and make informed decisions to drive continuous improvement.
  • Perfect Partnerships: We all know influencer relationships are critical to success on social media — you’ll find out how to justify and measure that success.
  • Getting Buy-In: How to select and frame data to share wins and earn support from your organization’s leadership.
Professor in Strategic Communications
The University of Louisville
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(Exclusive for Attendees)

  • ChatGPT: The Ultimate Beginners Guide
  • Video Marketing 101 e-Book
  • Best Practices for Inclusive Social Media
  • Sprout 2023 Index
  • PUB Method Cheat Sheet
  • AI for Content Marketing Blueprint
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Video Marketing 101: Best Practices, Strategies, Trends, & More
  • Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn



Professor in Strategic Communications
The University of Louisville
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Project Manager, Marketing Strategy
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
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Course Moderator: Jess Zafarris, Director of Content, Ragan and PR Daily READ BIO

Top 8 skills you’ll master:

  • Capture Attention: Factors that can boost the reach of your marketing content, from hyper-targeted emails to viral social media posts.
  • Master the Message: Translating your brand’s purpose and core value proposition to digital marketing platforms.
  • Optimize Your Campaigns: The terms and tactics that will help you get the right eyes and ears for your objectives.
  • Find Your Audience: Understand how to identify the customers waiting to find your brand or service.
  • Incite Action: How to translate views into clicks and clicks into purchases and decisions.
  • Make AI Work for You: Prompting and working with generative AI to yield better marketing campaigns faster.
  • Understand Influencers: The voices that can amplify your brand and reach audiences authentically.
  • Track Results: The tools and resources you need to manage, measure and recap on powerful campaigns.


Top reasons to attend this virtual certificate course

  • How to create campaigns that gain traction and deliver on your objectives.
  • Tips for setting SMART goals that yield results and advance business outcomes.
  • Advice on the uses of AI in marketing — and how to navigate ethical concerns about it.
  • Ways to identify what your audience wants from your brand and where and how to reach them with it.
  • How to harness influencer and creator relationships to supercharge your campaigns.
  • The secrets of unlocking data-driven marketing by looking at the most pertinent information.
  • How to leave vanity metrics behind and score true engagement that keeps audiences returning, clicking and acting.

Secure your seat today for this exclusive digital marketing course offered by Ragan and PR Daily, and level up your copy, tracking, tools and tactics.

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