The Friday Reporter: CNN commentator Karen Finney

This week’s podcast features political commentator and Democratic advisor Karen Finney.

The Friday Reporter, a PR Daily podcast

Too many years ago to count, Lisa was introduced to her political counterpart and today’s guest in the television green room — Karen Finney.  Let’s just say, Lisa is better for the experience of working with Karen because of how enjoyable it was to spar on the issues of the day.

Today, Karen is a CNN political commentator, an advisor to Democratic women candidates and both a public affairs and crisis communications expert.  Her experience spans several presidential campaigns, U.S. Senate races and so many others.

Karen is known for her keen sense of politics and history, while also being a fair and diplomatic commentator.  She shares lots of terrific points of view on politics in today’s episode, while also sharing a deeply personal story about her health and the road to recovery.

Tune in today to meet Karen Finney.


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