The Friday Reporter: Reed Albergotti at Semafor

Part of the “New Pubs on the Block” series.

Reed Albergotti is the tech editor at Semafor — another new and dynamic news outlet in town –and it sounds like his beat is as exciting as the industry he covers.

Having covered tech for over a decade, Reed finds himself today at Semafor delivering scoops on AI and trends in the tech industry — while also offering his view on why it matters.  In a news era where every other social platform is laden with opinions, it’s a privilege to see transparent analysis like this come through.

Reed authored a co-authored a book on Lance Armstrong and doping in the Tour de France and even found himself developing a sports page for the Wall Street Journal in a previous reporting gig. This was such a fun conversation with a dynamite journo in the tech space.  Drop in to meet Reed and hear more about Semafor today!


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