Vitalize your writing with anagrams

Rearranging the letters in a word or phrase to create yet another word or phrase is great fun and can afford you a playful way to perk up your prose.

I’ve been having the most fun with anagrams.

Anagrams are words or phrases that are formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase, using the original letters only once (dictionary: indicatory).

There are several online anagram servers for novices (Internet Anagram Server, Word Explorer, and Online Anagram Solver), but as I’ve discovered, the goal of experienced anagrammatists is to create anagrams that reflect or comment on the original word. Here are some examples:

a decimal point: I’m a dot in place

a gentleman: elegant man

an aisle: is a lane

astronomers: moon starers

Christmas: trims cash

conversation: voices rant on

eleven plus two: twelve plus one

listen: silent

my ideal time: immediately

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