4 reasons you can’t miss PR Daily’s Media Relations Conference

Next month’s conference will be one to remember.

Ragan's Media Relations Conference

The world of news media is changing rapidly. New delivery methods get us news faster than ever before, some outlets are shuttering their doors while new startups crop up, and all journalists are trying to do more with less.

Yet forging relationships with the media remains one of the most important tasks in any PR professional’s day.

PR Daily’s Media Relations Conference, June 5-6 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., will help you keep up no matter how fast the industry changes. If you aren’t registered yet, here’s why you can’t miss out.

  1. The speakers

The lineup of speakers includes people from both sides of the media relations equation. You’ll hear from journalists with organizations like NPR and The Hill about what they need from PR pros. You’ll also learn how experts at earned media  place their stories. You’ll hear from communicators who work for brands including Southwest Airlines and Mars, nonprofits like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, governmental agencies such as the U.S. Navy and higher education institutions including Northeastern University.

No matter where you sit, you’ll find plenty of lightbulb moments to take home.

  1. The attendees

One of the best parts of any Ragan conference is the chance to connect with other passionate professionals. Every person in attendance has chosen to take an actionable step to improve their skills and their career. Whether you’re chatting between sessions or connecting over a cocktail during our rooftop welcome reception, the bonds you forge at this conference can help you widen your network and even propel  your career.



  1. The setting

The conference is held in Washington, D.C., one of the greatest seats of media and political power in the world,  in the fabled halls of the National Press Club. Some use the trip as a chance to take meetings with some of the many journalists who call D.C. home — or maybe take the time to enjoy the world-class museums and deep history the district offers.

  1. The potential

The most successful PR pros always remember that they can learn more. No matter how accomplished they are, they’re always looking for new skills to add to their arsenal.

Sound like you?

The sessions at PR Daily’s Media Relations Conference can change the way you work, open possibilities for career advancement and help you achieve your goals.

Here are just a few of the sessions attendees will learn from:

  • What’s Next: Exploring AI and Web 3 Synergies for Public Relations
  • Media Panel: Journalists Dish How to Survive the Newsroom Gauntlet
  • Brand Journalism: Innovations in Press Releases and Online Newsrooms
  • The Heat is On: Navigating Crisis Communications in High-Pressure Situations
  • Strategic PR and Media Relations: Unlocking Trust in the Misinformation Age

Register today for PR Daily’s Media Relations Conference, June 5-6. Don’t miss this opportunity.


One Response to “4 reasons you can’t miss PR Daily’s Media Relations Conference”

    Ronald N Levy says:

    Four additional reasons:

    .1. MORE MONEY. You may be offered more jobs and better jobs because recruiters not surprisingly favor job applicants who are so highly motivated that they take these courses.

    .2. MORE MONEY. You’re likely to be worth—and earn—more per year for the rest of your life because these courses not only help to GET a better job but also how to DO a better job.

    .3. MORE MONEY because the social life is fantastic at PR Dily courses.
    You may meet and marry a fellow PR strategist and the two of you may help make each other richer.

    .4. MORE MONEY because when the job ends, as many PR jobs eventually do, employers are much more eager to hire course-takers than PR people who are less into continuing to learn the newest and best PR techniques.

    Even if you never open a book or listen to half a day of wisdom from the faculty, there’s evidence that those who go to college earn more than those who don’t, and the same is probably true of course-takers. When successful employers need advice they go to doctors for medical wisdom, lawyers for knowledge of legal ins and outs, plus PR course graduates for ideas on how to make more and suffer less.

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