Brian Fanzo dishes top NFT mistakes to avoid

It’s clear NFTs aren’t going away, despite the crypto crash.

Don't make these NFT mistakes

The headlines just keep coming. For example, Reddit just announced new collectible avatars and an entire NFT marketplace compatible with Etherium. Soare is partnering with MLB for a new fantasy baseball NFT experience. And American Eagle Outfitters recently launched an NFT apparel shop.

It’s all because NFTs represent a great opportunity for content creators and brand builders, says Brian Fanzo, who is hosting Ragan and PR Daily’s Social Media Conference at Disney World this Sept. 21-23.

“It’s really a mindset shift,” explains the founder of iSocialFanz. “It’s less about ‘What can blockchain do for me?’ and more about ‘What if I give more ownership to my community and followers so they have new ways to engage with me (and the brand).”

In this segment of our three-part interview, he digs into first steps to launch an NFT campaign (including costs), where to find NFT designers and the three biggest mistakes digital marketers and communicators are making in the space:


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