In honor of Mark Weiner

Ragan CEO Diane Schwartz remembers her late friend and mentor.

I envision Mark Weiner reading this piece from his slice of heaven and then calling to applaud my latest work, to ask what I meant by a certain phrase, and by the way, is there anything he could do to help me out this week?

In the two decades I’ve had the honor of knowing Mark, I could always count on him to give the most honest feedback, the most genuine support and without fail a conversation filled with belly laughs and intellectual wit.

Mark’s passing on December 10 is a terrible loss, a life taken too soon. I know Mark wanted to do more and be a part of more great things.  In my view, years ago he had surpassed so many communicators in his contributions to the trade.

He enriched countless lives, personally and professionally. His professional legacy will be one of formidable contributions around PR measurement, evangelizing for research and outcome-based communication strategies.

Early in my career, Mark took me under his wing, connecting me with communicators and media execs whom to this day I count as friends and advisors.

Mark sponsored me throughout my career, giving me an extra boost of confidence, sometimes sprinkled with unsolicited advice (he was always right). As a member of the PR Daily Advisory board, he redefined what it meant to contribute to a board, going above and beyond the original list of responsibilities.

Mark’s most recent book, “PR Technology Data and Insights: Igniting a Positive Return on Your Communications Investment,” is a tangible leave-behind for students and practitioners who appreciate the science behind the communications practice. He made measurement accessible.

He cared about our profession and throughout his career advocated for the role of communications.

I will greatly miss my chats with Mark, his unique insights and ideas, and, most of all, our friendship.


A memorial service for Mark Weiner will be held in January 2024. Read more about his life and legacy here


6 Responses to “In honor of Mark Weiner”

    Seth Arenstein says:

    What a wonderful post about a wonderful guy, Diane. My experience with Mark was the same as yours, always willing to help and a great advocate for the PR industry and measurement. I’d bet there are many who could say the same about Mark. I miss him already.

    Stephanie says:

    So very sad to hear this news, shocking really. I had the opportunity to hang out and talk shop with Mark at IPR, just before his book was released. He was so passionate about quantifying our value as practitioners. I will always be grateful for his contributions as an industry expert and a human being.

    Dan Fogleman says:

    What a fitting tribute to a fantastic ambassador of our industry and craft. Mark introduced me to the finer points of media measurement and many of those who have shaped how it is done well. He was always accessible and willing to share insights and opinions over the course of many years and multiple career stops. We lost one of the best with his passing. RIP Mark.

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