Infographic: 21 writing tips to add juice to your content

Brand managers keep churning out content seeking better SEO and more sales leads, but lackluster efforts will produce meager results. Here’s how to get back in the game.

Your blog serves a crucial purpose for your organization.

Long-form writing about your industry and product offerings helps search engines rank you higher on their results pages, and regular updates help consumers make purchase decisions and develop a relationship with your brand.

Well-written articles can position your leaders as industry experts and provide earned media coverage. However, your content must be easy to navigate, consume and share. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and effort.

This infographic from Manage Inbound offers 21 tips on improving your owned media so readers will click on and share your insights.

Top suggestions include:

  • Keep your design simple and clean so your words can shine.
  • Write a compelling introduction to engage your readers.
  • Drop the sales message; it’s hurting more than it helps.

To read about all the tips to attract new audiences, read the full infographic.


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