Infographic: How to use color to draw more web visitors

Visual interest is an important part of growing your online presence and attracting more visitors. Consider these insights.

Colors have always been a powerful design tool.

Whether you’re an interior designer or a web designer, colors play an important role not only in injecting life to the work itself, but also in eliciting a certain reaction from the people who lay eyes on it.

Color psychology, a sub-field of psychology, argues that there is a connection between colors and human behavior. According to color psychology, a color has certain attitudes, emotions and characteristics attached to it, and different colors have the power to draw different behaviors out of people.

Let’s take a look at some of those color associations and how web designers use it in their work.


Blue is perhaps the coolest color in terms of temperature, and that’s probably why it’s most closely associated with serenity or calmness.

According to color psychology, blue conveys security, stability, trust and reliability, all qualities that companies and businesses would like to project. Of course, the best-known websites that use blue are Facebook and Twitter.


Web designers almost always use red whenever they create visuals that need to create a sense of urgency, like an ad for a sale with huge discounts or a simple call to action button.

Red, of course, is the color of passion as well, hence its widespread use in anything related to love or sex.


Many see yellow as being the most fun and cheerful color. It is, after all, the color of sunshine.

Yellow is popularly used in the web design of sites that sell toys and products for kids.


A color achieved by combining red and yellow, orange has the best of both worlds.

It’s great for creating a sense of urgency and comes across as a very cheerful color as well, a fact not lost on countless web designers who use it for CTAs and fun website elements.

Learn more about color psychology in web design by checking out the infographic from MyBizNiche.

Matthew Royse is the regional marketing director for Freudenberg IT, a global IT solutions provider. A version of this article originally appeared on his Knowledge Enthusiast blog.


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