Infographic: How to use data to inform your content strategy

Your efforts don’t have to be a shot in the dark. Here’s how you can research the most important topics for your digital campaign.

Does building a content calendar feel overwhelming?

This infographic from Unbounce shares how to create a stellar content program with free tools and only one person—all in a single day of work.

It recommends using Google’s Keyword Planner to discover what your audience and industry peers want to know more about and how you can position your organization as a leader in your field. Then, you can build posts that will attract an organic following.

Here are the five steps it recommends:

  • Assess the demand for content.
  • Generate keywords.
  • Do a content audit on your competitors.
  • Create your own content.
  • Distribute and assign content to specific business goals.

To learn how to build your content strategy so that it develops a robust following, consult the full infographic.


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