IPREX nominates Kathy Tunheim a ‘Transformational Communicator’

Identifying an opportunity to connect IPREX professionals through a network, Kathy Tunheim worked to create a platform solution.


Kathy Tunheim, founder and CEO of Tunheim, a public relations firm in Bloomington, Minnesota, is a true visionary, according to Julie Exner, IPREX global president, and senior vice president with Fahlgren Mortine. As such, IPREX nominates Tunheim as a “Transformational Communicator,” apropos to the theme of Communications Week, being held Nov. 15-19.

What makes Tunheim ‘transformational’

Here’s what Communications Week partner IPREX had to say:

Tunheim joined agency leaders from around the world to invest in IPREX—a global communications network. She served as global treasurer and then president over six years.

As IPREX grew, Tunheim successfully worked with countless clients with global requirements and understood that the network sat at the intersection of emerging needs and opportunity.

With that in mind, Tunheim envisioned a more seamless solution to connect her 80+ partners around the world. She foresaw an opportunity to put each agency’s people and their unique experiences within easy reach for all partners. Tuned in to the rise in platform technology, Tunheim worked with software developers to create the communication agency equivalent, investing its own resources to create a robust electronic platform comprising over 1,000 IPREX professionals. Through this tool, partners can find solutions for needed staff and expertise, and communicate with one another in real-time.

In 2020, the platform was adopted as the IPREX Professional Network (IPN) and set the foundation for global collaboration at scale. Daily, partners share opportunities and find answers through the IPN. IPREX partners say working with a partner across the ocean feels like working with a colleague down the hall. The IPN makes that simpler than ever. Congratulations to Tunheim on her nomination and in envisioning and creating IPN.


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