M&T Bank’s response to Buffalo grocery store shooting

The case study is an excerpt from the PR Leadership Network’s exclusive report.

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Organizations could speak out on current events every day, and still some would say they aren’t doing enough.

Study after study has shown that all consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, want to buy from companies who share their values. A 2020 survey from 5WPR found that a whopping 83% of consumers ages 18-34 want to buy from companies that align with their values, while 76% of the same demographic want CEOs to speak out on topics they care about.

But we all know we must pick and choose our moments. If every issue is important to our organization, then ultimately, nothing is. How do we decide when to take our stand and when it’s best not to add to the noise?

“A time to speak: Decision-making frameworks for taking a stand on political topics” is an exclusive report for members of PR Daily’s PR Leadership Network. It features real decision-making matrices from some of the smartest minds in comms that take you through their step-by-step thought process on when to speak up.

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M&T Bank put its framework into practice as tragedy struck in the bank’s hometown of Buffalo, New York. A man burst into a Tops grocery store in a majority Black neighborhood and carried out a massacre motivated by racism and hatred. Ten innocent people who were just shopping or doing their jobs were killed.

The case study on M&T Bank’s response to the tragedy illuminates how a decision-making framework can work in times of crisis and how an organization can rise above to become a force for good.

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