New social media features and updates to know this week

Updates from X, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Social media updates

This week, we have some incremental updates, but also some that will have a big impact, like Threads finally including a DM feature. Check out what’s new and how it will impact you:


The Twitter blue checkmark was one of the most desired symbols in all social media. But since Elon Musk took over the site and changed the mark from one of verification to a symbol of subscribing to X Premium to some it’s become a sign of devotion to Musk or even of alt-right politics.

Now, X is removing the option to hide the blue checkmark, according to X Daily News. Combine this with X’s recent decision to bestow the checkmark on people with large followings who might not want it for all, and it’s clear there’s a big push to destigmatize the checkmark.

We’ll have to see if it works.




LinkedIn is making it easier to contribute to its AI-generated collaborative articles. Now, when opening your compose window, you’ll have the option to click “contribute expertise” to see a list of available collaborative articles. It’s another little boost for the popular feature.

The platform also announced it will implement a new verification badge for recruiters in an attempt to crack down on scams on the platform that prey on job seekers. Recruiters with a Project Creator license will automatically receive the badge.


Threads is sort of implementing DMs. While you’ll be able to send a DM from within Threads, the actual communication will take place via Instagram inbox, Social Media Today reported. Essentially, since Threads is built on top of Instagram, they see no need to duplicate the same functionality. While it may be a bit clunky, you now can slide into DMs via Threads.


Meta is also building out its Messenger tool, enabling users to:

  • Send HD photos.
  • Create shared photo albums which everyone in a group chat can add to or edit.
  • Make connections via QR code found within the app.
  • Send files of up to 100 MB from directly in the app.

It’s a robust update for Messenger – especially being able to send big files.


Instagram is rolling out  a sadly needed set of tools to help protect people from sextortion, the sharing of intimate photos and teen sex abuse. These include:

  • Nudity protection, which blurs photos that are detected to contain nudity until they choose to view them. A prompt will also ask users to think twice before sending risqué photos. Users can also opt to unsend photos if they change their mind. Attempting to forward messages with nudity will also prompt a “think twice” message. These services will be turned on by default for those under 18, while adults can opt in.
  • Sending messages believed to contain sextortion scams to the hidden requests folder, where they’ll likely never be seen.
  • Accounts believed to be engaging in sextortion will not see the “message” button on minors’ profiles, even if they’re connected.
  • Directing accounts who have interacted with suspected sextortion accounts to a resources page.

Instagram will soon roll out its Notes feature to profiles, where you can share what you’re doing, what you’re listening to and so on. Think of it as an AOL Instant Messenger status message for the new age.


YouTube is beefing up its shopping features in a bid to compete with the TikTok Shop. New features include Collections, which allow creators to curate products, a built-in Affiliate Hub and allowing all creators to mass-tag products across videos.


TikTok has unveiled several new brand safety features to allow more confidence in ad placements. Advertisers can choose to exclude their ads from playing next to content in four categories: Gambling & Lotteries, Violent Video Games, Combat Sports and Youth Content. Brands can also opt out of placing ads on 11 different content verticals to further ensure brand safety. These features are available in TikTok Ad Manager.

Which new features are you most excited for?


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