New social media features and updates to know this week

Updates from Meta, X, TikTok and more.

Social media updates.

We’ve got several major updates this week. Meta is going all-in on AI, X is embracing chaos as usual and TikTok is launching its Notes app in several countries.

This all has major implications for your PR practice. So let’s see what’s up:


Meta has made its largest foray yet into generative AI by incorporating an AI-driven search feature into flagship products Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The tool can also be accessed standalone at Meta.Ai.

Built on the Meta Llama 3 model, this is both a competitor to OpenAI and Google Gemini while also using some of its data in responses.

But just days after the tool was launched, queries related to the ongoing election in India were banned. This move isn’t unusual — Google Gemini has done the same — but shows the unique peril of this moment as AI and the political sphere crash together.

Making free generative AI easily accessible on the world’s largest social network will certainly have consequences, for better and for worse.


While Meta’s AI tool isn’t yet included on Threads, the app is testing a new search method. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that Threads is testing a search that divides results into “Top” and “Recent” tabs. Early reports say that the “Recent” tab isn’t an exact chronological feed, but it does prioritize recency in a way the Top tab does not. We’ll see if this rolls out to a larger audience.


Instagram is working to build AI chatbot versions of influencers, the New York Times reported. Known as “Creator A.I.,” the tool is designed to help the platform’s stars connect more easily with fans without actually having to talk to them. We’ll see how this one turns out.


WhatsApp is introducing new filters to make inboxes easier to navigate. Users can now filter by “All,” “Unread” or “Groups.”


X continues to make waves by shaking up well-established norms on the app.

Elon Musk appeared to confirm that a pilot to charge new users $1 to create accounts will spread beyond its first test markets of New Zealand and the Philippines. The move is intended to slow the torrent of bots and spammers from signing up for new accounts by requiring them to have a little financial skin in the game. There are no exact dates for rollouts, and it does not appear that existing accounts will be impacted, only new accounts.

X also appears to be closer to fundamentally changing the mechanics of the app by instituting a swipe-to-reply system. This is part of Musk’s desire to cut down on visual clutter on the app. While there’s no date for the rollout, here’s what it would look like:

Somewhat less consequentially, X has also launched a new AI-fueled sales campaign manager, following the lead of other social networks. “With this streamlined interface, all you have to do is select your conversion event (such as ‘purchase’), set your daily ad budget, and input your desired demographic targeting for gender, age and location,” according to the announcement. “That’s it. This new flow enables you to create and launch effective campaigns in just a few minutes.”


TechCrunch reports that LinkedIn is testing a premium company page offering aimed at small and medium businesses. The company is eyeing a $99 per month price tag, and in return looking to offer an AI writing tool, options to invite people who visit your page to join and a golden verification badge.


YouTube is offering improved ad targeting for YouTube Shorts — likely a good move at a time when TikTok is under fire. New ad lineups include sports, entertainment, beauty, fashion and lifestyle, food and recipes, gaming, and automotive.

YouTube is also running an experiment for a “Most Relevant” view within subscription feeds.



We’ve reported several times that TikTok was developing an Instagram-esque app called Notes to emphasize photos. That app is now here — if “here” for you is Australia and Canada.

Even with TikTok’s uncertain fate in the United States, the launch of this app is too big to ignore. Start thinking about your strategy now.

Allison Carter is editor-in-chief of PR Daily. Follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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