New social media features and updates to know this week

Including news from X, YouTube and TikTok.

Social media updates

The theme of this week’s social media updates is getting people to spend more time on app. From YouTube’s new gaming features to Threads’ TweetDeck knockoff; from Instagram’s unskippable ads to LinkedIn’s shrunken external links, everyone is fighting for a slice of that most coveted of resources: time.

Here’s how each of these platforms is fighting for your attention.




X has updated a key part of its engagement menu on iOS. Rather than following, blocking or muting users by tapping three dots in the upper right corner, you’ll now long press their avatar to access the same features. “We are just making the menu cleaner,” explained Haofei Wang, X’s director of engineering. Simplifying menus has long been a priority of X owner Elon Musk.


Following in LinkedIn’s recent footsteps, YouTube is introducing games to the platform. Known as “Playables,” they’re porting over simple games like Angry Birds Showdown, Cut the Rope and trivia. While not as shareable and designed to create community as LinkedIn’s recent foray into gaming, it’s yet another way to keep people on the app longer.


Threads’ TweetDeck knockoff is now being rolled out to all users on desktop. Mimicking the late, beloved Twitter client, Threads allows you to pin various columns so you can keep an eye on multiple streams of information at a glance. It’s yet another sign that Threads is trying to replicate the best of the glory days of Twitter.


Instagram is beefing up its Notes feature, adding robust new functionality to the offering that Social Media Today reports is especially popular with teens. Among the new abilities:

  • Notes Prompts, which give ideas for how to use Notes, such as “current mood?”
  • @ mention people in Notes
  • Likes for Notes, beyond just leaving comments

More controversially, some users are seeing unskippable ads on Instagram. This could be a boon to brands trying to ensure their messages are seen – but it comes at the risk, as always, of alienating users and pushing them away from the platform.


TikTok is beta testing a new app for creators. TikTok Studio, as it’s creatively titled, will bring all creator tools together in one place, from uploading and editing to analytics. The app is currently available as a beta test for Android users and will roll out for iOS in the coming weeks. It’s a big shift for creators  – we’ll see how it fares once people have had a chance to kick the tires.

In the unending ouroboros of social media apps copying one another, TikTok is now introducing DM streaks. You’ll get a little pop of digital dopamine for messaging a friend on consecutive days.


LinkedIn has drastically shrunk the size of unsponsored shared links. While this feature has been in testing for some time, it’s now available sitewide. An organic link share will now feature an image that’s just 2430 x 4320 pixels. The image size of sponsored link posts will remain unchanged.

It heralds a likely minor shift in posting strategy, moving even more “link in comments” posting. It’s not the greatest user experience, but it will likely help LinkedIn keep users on their site for longer.


Finally, Meta is offering a two-week free trial for its Meta Verified subscription. With features like a verified badge and enhanced support, it’s a way to check out the service and see if it fits your needs on Instagram and Facebook.

Allison Carter is editor-in-chief of PR Daily. Follow her on or LinkedIn.



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