Printable affinity calendar: Keep track of heritage and awareness months

There are so many groups to honor — let us help you keep track.

Affinity calendar

Affinity months, weeks and days are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all sorts of different internal and external stakeholders. Whether it’s a cultural heritage month, an awareness day for a gender identity or giving visibility to those living with disabilities, these events can elevate our audiences and give shape to editorial calendars.

The tricky part can be keeping track of the plethora of events designed to honor diverse groups.

Let us help.

An affinity calendar

It’s also available in PDF form for easy printing.

This calendar isn’t a comprehensive list of every affinity event — that would be far too large to fit on a sheet of paper. It focuses specifically on heritage, gender and sexuality, and disabilities to cast a net that’s helpful for most communicators in large organizations.



Remember that you are not obligated to observe each of these events. Look for those that speak most to your audiences, your mission and your goals. You may choose to address some events internally but not externally — or vice versa.

There is no right formula for recognizing these days. Be respectful, be celebratory and be kind.

Allison Carter is executive editor of PR Daily. Follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.



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