Ragan’s inaugural CommTech survey sheds light on industry tools

Download the executive summary to better understand budgeting, executive buy-in and more.

2023 CommTech Executive Summary

Technology can make or break a communications department. 

Sure, you can do a lot with incisive words, bold visuals and smart strategies. But ultimately, modern communicators rely on tech stacks to find journalists, engage internal audiences and understand what’s driving business results to demonstrate the value of the function 

Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council, a membership community for senior communicators shaping the world’s best work cultures and brands, conducted an exclusive study on how the industry is making use of communications technology. From budgeting and getting buy-in for new tools to what’s missing from communicators’ tech stacks, Ragan compiled a wide range of insights to help you better understand what tools are critical to the modern practice of comms. 

While the full report is available exclusively to CLC members, the executive summary is free to download. 

You’ll get insights including:  

  • How budgets are expected to change in the next year. 
  • The best ways to get buy-in from leadership for new tools. 
  • How organizations tackle training for new tools. 
  • The tools communicators wish they had. 
  • And much more. 

Download the report today to make your organization more efficient and competitive in today’s tech-savvy world.  


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