47 ways to reengage employees headed for the exits

After more than a year of crisis and more uncertainty on the horizon, engaging workers has never been more important. Consider these strategies.


The crisis isn’t over for your employees.

As workers struggle to adjust to new workflows, recover from prolonged disruption to personal lives and reestablish a work/life balance, many are considering leaving their job. In a hot labor market, as much as 95% of workers are considering their options.

That means organizations must do everything they can to reengage.

A new report from Ragan Consulting Group offers 47 ways you can bolster your engagement with your workforce, breaking down the tactics into sub-categories like virtual engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

Some of the top tips covered include:

  • How to find the “human-centric” story for your organization
  • How to put employee wellness first and make your commitment visible
  • Strategies for navigating a crisis on virtual channels
  • Tips for supporting change management as your organization innovates
  • And more

Download the full whitepaper here.


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