5 steps to optimize an internal communications plan

A guide from Firstup details an actionable process with seven templates to help with starting or updating an internal communications strategy.

“Where to begin?” can be an overwhelming question when working on an internal communications plan. This is especially true for communicators and human resource professionals who need the plan they design to achieve certain goals.

Firstup helps remove the guesswork by mapping out an actionable process in its “Planning an Effective Internal Communications Strategy” guide. Whether starting from scratch or updating an existing internal communications plan, the guide can help with planning, tailoring, testing and optimizing communications for an organization’s workforce.

Firstup’s step-by-step approach makes the process of designing your strategy more manageable with its seven templates, including an internal communications template.

With its detailed five-step process, the guide teaches:

  • How to define goals and translate them into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Ways to segment your organization’s workforce into different audiences and assess their format preferences.
  • An insight-driven method for testing your ideas and content.
  • Tips to stay organized when planning internal communications campaigns.
  • Data collection and insights with the right metrics.

Download your free copy of the “Planning an Effective Internal Communications Strategy” guide to get started on your internal communications plan.


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