6 tips for better emails

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How to make your emails better

In the year 2020, the global email marketing revenue was $7.5 billion . By 2023, this number is predicted to breach $10 billion. Currently, businesses can expect an average return on investment (ROI) of $45 for every ad dollar spent on email marketing. Get an edge up on your competition today by understanding this current environment. Below are six tips for better emails:

1.              Mobile optimization

Optimizing emails for mobile is now essential. Why?

First, almost every target audience relies on their devices for emails. Second, brands need to be able to access their consumers at specific points in the day and mobile facilitates such accessibility. Third, the open rate of emails on mobile has been climbing, with it doubling the open rate of desktop as of 2019.

Accommodating this trend demands peak operational capabilities and responsiveness on top of a compelling presentation.




2.              Enhanced privacy

Data privacy is a major concern for consumers. While regulations and laws are currently in place, marketing specialists also need to recognize the importance of transparency and the proper use of collected data to their audiences.

Data collection should happen only after receiving the customer’s consent and only for the purposes to which he or she has consented. A higher level of data restriction as well as company accountability is likely to be expected going forward.

3.              Interactive content

More and more consumers are enticed by content they can interact with versus static email content. From quizzes and polls to carousels and videos, these various forms of entertainment engage them with brand-level content. All this can lead to increased awareness through positive experiences.

Market studies have revealed that interactive emails increase click-to-open rates by 73%. In fact, simply adding videos can boost the open rate by 300%!

While increasing engagement, this content could also enhance data collection through interactive feedback forms or assessments. Gaining further insight into your consumer base and their perception of your emails can go a long way in developing more appealing content down the road.

4.              Quality copy

Concise, storytelling copy can capture a reader’s attention with the same effectiveness as interactive emails. As more and more people can detect insincerity online, connecting with email recipients through humanized interactions has become essential.

High-quality copy calls for well-written, straightforward content. Like the example above, its design should forge a connection through conversational tones and an easily imparted message. Insubstantial and generalized copy may no longer suffice as user’s acclimate to much more compelling content.

5.              User-generated content

Including content from users or previous customers is key to engagement due to the power of social proof. Brands can make their email campaigns or newsletters more alluring by incorporating short, positive comments, reviews and surveys to spark interest. These forms of content from consumers who are similar to the recipients often seem more credible and are received better than traditional advertising messages.

6.              AI 

While still in its early stages, AI integration works to optimize emails in the areas of creation, distribution and beyond. While the vast amount of data pouring in can potentially overwhelm human marketers, AI systems can filter through millions of data points all while analyzing, identifying correlations, and even making predictions.


Automation and the use of AI are expected to enhance the personalization aspect of emails as well. For instance, current systems can be triggered to automatically respond to a user’s action, such as cart abandonment, with an email or push notification with individualized copy.

Such responses and personalized content could be improved through AI data analysis alongside automation expansion. These processes have the potential not only to boost brand responsiveness, but also to help further customize the message by adhering to multi-tiered rules, thus reaching a customer on a more personal level.

Aaron Wittersheim is chief operating officer at Straight North.


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    Sophie Collins - Writer/Editor for Platform Magazine says:

    This is such a helpful and informative read! As a college senior, I am getting ready to enter the professional world, and I know how important a quality email is. Although it may take a little more time, it is crucial to put in the extra steps to craft a better email. Thank you so much for these tips that I can implement into my daily life.

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