Easy yet crucial ways to bolster workers’ well-being and mental health

Exercise offers a multitude of wellness and productivity benefits, but the sedentary nature of modern work tends to thwart healthy habits. Follow this guidance to get employees moving in the right direction.


Of all the threats to your business, the most dangerous might be chronic stress.

The pandemic has stretched workers beyond belief, and many are simply wrung out from the nonstop demands of work and life. What can businesses do to help refresh and reinvigorate their weary workers and set them up for long-term success? It’s an issue that could determine whether your company thrives or fails in a dramatically changed post-COVID landscape.

To help companies support their employees in meaningful ways, Ergotron has produced “Chronic Stress and the Remote Worker,” an invaluable report offering practical guidance on optimizing your long-term work-from-home strategy and culture. In the 13-page report, you’ll learn:

  • How workers worldwide are facing heightened levels of stress as they adapt to changes in their work and personal lives.
  • How moving more, sitting less and creating a comfortable home office setup can bolster well-being, including physical health, mental health and spinal health.
  • How frequent movement and a healthy workspace setup can empower employees and fuel productivity, health and happiness.
  • What your organization can do now to help your remote team members feel inspired, motivated and hopeful about the future.

The data-backed report shares straightforward advice on easy tweaks to make home offices bastions of well-being and productivity—rather than uncomfortable spaces that fuel anxiety, discomfort and possibly even serious chronic illness. With so many workers now locked into long-term remote work situations, this is a pivotal issue to confront and proactively address.

If you ignore these concerns or put workers’ well-being on the backburner, you can, at best, expect an onslaught of turnover. The more likely scenario is that your company will simply not be able to survive the profoundly changed business landscape—in which employee well-being is and should be business’ top concern.

Download your free copy of the report today to start reducing stress for your team—and yourself.


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