How to set effective benchmarks & use them to elevate your internal communications

A new report to help you find the right KPIs to tell your story.

How to measure internal communications. Image created by DALL-E.

Achieving a balanced and effective internal comms strategy can be a challenge. Most organizations have complex structures with multiple departments and a dispersed workforce that communicate differently. Add to that, information overload, limited resources, employee resistance, and budget constraints and it becomes clear why so many organizations struggle to implement new comms initiatives. Given these challenges, how can you effectively elevate your comms for engagement? Effective benchmarks.

PoliteMail’s new report “How to Set Effective Benchmarks & Use Them to Elevate Your Internal Communications” delivers practical tips to measure and track your internal comms performance, providing valuable reference points for key performance indicators (KPIs). The report also provides:

  • Different types of benchmarking — from internal to competitive to strategic.
  • Tips to create a good benchmark report.
  • How to know if your comms strategy is working by measuring KPIs.
  • An organizational case study: Massive Dynamic.
  • And, much more.

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