Top Internal Communications Trends of 2022 webinar

Stay ahead of the curve with fresh insights into what’s driving the field today.

The new normal is losing its “new.”

As hybrid and remote environments are poised to change the way we work forever, internal communicators must spend more time nurturing the employee experience to help build cohesion and encourage teamwork even in dispersed workplaces.

Join Ragan and ContactMonkey on May 25 for a free webinar as Maithili Jha, senior growth marketing manager at ContactMonkey, shares key findings of their annual survey. You’ll learn insights that will inform your future  internal messaging strategy and engage employees wherever they are.

We’ll uncover:

  • Six trends driving internal communications in 2022
  • Key internal measurement goals and KPIs for the year
  • Pressing challenges with reaching employees — and how to tackle them
  • Insight on third-party software and tools for internal communicators
  • The current state of remote and hybrid work
  • How your peers feel about returning to the office

Register for the free webinar today and learn how to stay ahead of the curve with your internal communications.


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