Winners of the 2024 PR Tech Hot List honored at Washington, D.C. event

Congratulations to this year’s list of winning organizations whose tech tools help PR professionals innovate and thrive.

PR Daily’s PR Tech Hot List awards celebrate excellence in public relations technology, honoring organizations that provide innovative products and services to empower PR professionals. This award recognizes cutting-edge tools and resources that enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and creativity of PR practitioners, allowing them to excel in their roles and drive impactful communications strategies. From media monitoring tools to advanced analytics platforms, the PR Tech Hot List spotlights the top technological advancements that are transforming the PR industry.

Read on to learn about this year’s list of winning organizations and what they have to offer PR professionals. Winners of the 2024 PR Tech Hot List were honored at a reception during PR Daily’s Media Relations Conference in Washington, D.C., on June 5, 2024.


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ACCESSWIRE Agility PR SolutionsCision • Blackbird.AIConverseonDash HudsonIZEA MeltwaterMuck RackNewsmaticsNewsWhipNotifiedOnclusivePRophetProwlyQwotedSignal AISprinklrSprout SocialTVEyes


Blackbird.AI is a provider of AI-driven narrative intelligence solutions that safeguard organizations from misinformation and disinformation risks. Through products like Constellation, RAV3N Risk LMM and Narrative Feed, PR professionals gain real-time visibility into harmful narratives across multiple platforms and languages, empowering them to detect, measure and counter narrative attacks effectively. With a 100% customer retention rate and recognition, including Fortune Magazine’s IMPACT 20 award, Blackbird.AI stands out for its technology, extensive industry experience and rapid growth, doubling its team and expanding its client base to Fortune 2000 brands, startups, NGOs and government entities.

Converseon, a trailblazer in AI technology since 2008, offers Conversus PRISM (Predictive Reputation Intelligence System). PRISM’s “Trusted AI” features and predictive analytics bridge the gap between perception and profit, quantifying reputation’s impact on business outcomes. Through econometric modeling, it predicts future outcomes with 85% confidence, empowering brands like Mattel and IBM to make informed decisions. With a 100% client retention, Converseon’s consistent 20% year-over-year growth underscores its industry leadership, boasting over $150 million in revenue from SaaS, AI and consulting services.

IZEA Worldwide has led way amid the rise of the creator economy with its pioneering influencer marketing platform, empowering brands and creators since 2006. Its suite of software and services facilitates seamless collaboration, scaling content production and diversifying brand voices, resulting in measurable ROI. Notably, IZEA’s FormAI utilizes powerful AI tools, generating visuals and optimized text for social media campaigns, blog posts and more. With over 17 years of experience, IZEA boasts partnerships with nearly half of the Fortune 50 and has facilitated nearly 4 million transactions. Recent accolades include ‘Best Influencer Marketing Company’ at the 2023 MarTech Breakthrough Awards, reinforcing IZEA’s commitment to innovation and growth, evidenced by reaching one million registered users and generative images since July 2023.

Muck Rack, a leading PR management platform, helps organizations cultivate trust and amplify their narratives through earned media. Leveraging AI and comprehensive journalist-driven data, Muck Rack streamlines media engagement, monitoring and reporting, facilitating seamless collaboration and precise measurement. Trusted by over 5,000 global entities, including Google and Pfizer, Muck Rack aids in media contact management, crisis response, brand reputation analysis and outcome-driven reporting. Recent advancements include AI-driven features like and Recommended Journalists, alongside enhanced measurement tools.

NewsWhip, a predictive media insights platform, supports PR professionals with real-time data to manage brand reputation effectively. By offering live, quantified views of digital and social media landscapes, NewsWhip enables proactive crisis management and strategic decision-making. Its unique predictive capabilities forecast article trajectory, aiding in crisis mitigation and stakeholder communication. Setting it apart, NewsWhip’s Timeline feature provides insight into evolving public and media interests. Notably, it is endorsed by Meta’s Third-Party Fact-Checking Network and recognized for excellence by G2. With a remarkable 29% growth in informed comms team partnerships, NewsWhip stands as an ally for PR professionals navigating today’s media landscape.

Notified, offers a suite of intelligent tools to amplify stories across audiences and media channels. With a focus on innovation, Notified introduced the first AI-powered press release generator, streamlining content creation and distribution. Notified’s platform integrates media monitoring, social listening and stakeholder communication management, ensuring efficient workflows. Recognized with multiple awards, including Gold in the Stevie Awards, Notified stands out for its customer service and industry leadership. Recent enhancements, such as expanded media relations features and AI-enabled IR event analysis, shows Notified’s commitment to empowering communicators in an evolving media landscape.

Qwoted, the professional social network for PR, redefines media connections by seamlessly linking PR professionals with media opportunities worldwide. Utilizing AI and algorithmic matching, Qwoted accelerates coverage acquisition in top-tier publications. With features like direct messaging and comprehensive media database access, Qwoted fosters collaboration and simplifies PR endeavors. Its latest innovations include Product Profiles and a free Media Database, facilitating product pitching and journalist sourcing. Through growth in the past year, Qwoted has experienced a surge in media requests, user base expansion and expert profiles.

PRophet is an AI SaaS suite for PR professionals, offering predictive insights and generative tools. Founded in 2020, it revolutionizes media relations with AI-driven solutions. Its flagship product, PRophet Earn, predicts media interest and sentiment, while PRophet Influence crafts personalized influencer marketing programs. PRophet Monitor provides personalized alerts across media channels. With features like Taylor, a generative AI writing tool, and Multi-Pitch Generator, PRophet enhances productivity. Notable partnerships with PeakMetrics and LexisNexis enrich its capabilities while boasting 323% YOY revenue growth and clients like P&G and Deloitte.

In November of 2022, Issuer Direct-owned company ACCESSWIRE acquired the press release distribution fixture Newswire in a bid to offer a more comprehensive suite of public relations, news release and storytelling services. Previously focused primarily on executive and investor relations, ACCESSWIRE now additionally offers services spanning not only press release distribution and optimization but also event technology services, media monitoring and databases, pitching tools, compliance guidance, social engagement and analytics tools and more. ACCESSWIRE also boasts a library of templates and best practices for developing materials such as whitepapers, surveys, webinars and, of course, press releases.

Technology provider Newsmatics Inc., parent of media monitoring news app Newsmatics, provides press release distribution, custom media analysis and media intelligence software. At its core, Newsmatics’ goal is to push back against the rise of propaganda and misinformation. EIN Presswire, one of Newsmatics’ long-standing features, includes AI Press Release Generator to simplify the development and optimization process for PR pros. Recent additions to the platform include Affinity Group Publishing, a 3,900-publication platform for news in the post-truth era, and Perspectify, a political bias information tracker.

By providing data and analytics that help agencies draft sound social strategies, Dash Hudson empowers those working on social media and paid campaigns to become strategic partners to their clients. Between reminding PR pros that vanity metrics are no longer a north star and that the value of a view can change, Dash Hudson’s suite of tools and services helps PR pros become true partners to social data, instead of just translating the readouts. Among their number of proprietary metrics, the Entertainment Score stands out for taking into account engagements, looking at retention and benchmarking that for short-form video. Dash Hudson is continuously raising the bar to compete with ever-changing algorithms.

Meltwater understood that standing out amid the glut of other media monitoring tools meant evolving to become a full-fledged media intelligence suite — a platform that analyzes coverage across online, social, print, broadcast and podcast mediums with an interface that’s easy to access wherever PR pros find themselves. The rare platform with a mission statement, Meltwater embraces its origins and makes the Norwegian words for fun (“moro”), number one (“enere”) and respect (“respekt”) central tenets of its collaborative working culture. This, in turn, drives the innovation that allows the platform to keep growing and scaling its offerings beyond others in the space to now include robust influencer marketing, consumer and sales intelligence and more.

Onclusive helps both agencies and brands make strategic decisions and prove success at every turn. Their monitoring capabilities can identify opportunities and crises in their earliest stages to help keep professionals nimble and alert. Real-time measurement goes beyond counting clips and demonstrates value through sentiment, impact and “Power of Voice” aggregate analytics. And its media database and CRM tools help act on those insights in a way that garners the most attention from the right people. Onclusive guides PR pros at every step of their journey.

Prowly empowers PR pros with all-in-one media relations tools that handle all the details so they can focus on building relationships and landing the story.  From assistance with crafting personalized pitches and press releases to media databases that help PR pros find just the right journalists to tools to build their own newsroom, Prowly’s end-to-end solutions save time and increase success. Its data-driven techniques and tools ensure that pitches end up where they belong: at the top of a journalist’s inbox.

Agility PR Solutions is a full-service resource for public relations and media analysis that streamlines media monitoring, outreach and media intelligence into one intuitive platform. Owned by data engineering company Innodata, Agility PR Solutions fully embraces artificial intelligence with recent product launches, including PR CoPilot, which leverages generative AI technology to create initial draft frameworks for press releases and outreach communications. In January, Agility PR Solutions debuted Intelligent Insights, which helps gather on-the-fly insights from print, broadcast and social media platforms, contextually analyzes specific brand mentions or trends and performs language translations.

Cision, an end-to-end consumer and media intelligence and communications platform, has launched CisionOne, an integrated media monitoring and outreach solution that provides real-time insights. Using Cision’s proprietary AI models, Cision One helps PR pros identify stories that impact brands and reveal genuine intent behind people’s words. Key features include brand risk score, narrative tracking, stance, outreach and comprehensive performance measurement. Users can also access paywalled New York Times and Dow Jones content, including Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch and Dow Jones Newswires.

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that helps businesses and agencies manage multiple social media accounts from one location. It offers solutions for social marketing, customer service, data analysis, social listening and employee advocacy. Sprout Social integrates with many social networks like Facebook, X and LinkedIn. The tool helps PR pros understand and reach their audience, engage community and measure performance all in one place. Earlier this year, Sprout Social launched Care by Sprout, a solution for personalized customer support. It includes AI-powered case management, reporting on metrics like customer satisfaction and engagement, and integrations with review sites and care platforms.

TVEyes is a cloud-based search engine and monitoring platform that provides audio, video and transcript data for PR pros to help them understand and respond to broadcast news. The platform uses automated speech recognition, image recognition and video search technology to turn unstructured audio and video content into actionable intelligence. Recently, TVEyes introduced some new offerings aimed at comprehensive media and monitoring analysis. One is its global podcast data and monitoring service that empowers brands to track, measure and analyze their podcast earned media mentions from over 50,000 podcasts. The other offering is its YouTube Monitoring feature that delivers real-time alerts for popular and trending videos on the platform.

Signal AI uses artificial intelligence to deliver business insights to its clients. By using the power of discriminative and generative AI solutions, Signal AI assists clients in making sense of the rapidly moving business world. With its risk intelligence and reputation management solutions, the Signal AI keeps  the C-suite and communicators apprised of the situations that lie ahead of them and infroms the decisions that will put their companies in the best position.

Sprinklr harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide marketers, customer service pros and communicators with the knowledge they need to understand and engage with their audiences. In an age of more segmented audiences than ever, Sprinklr allows users to access critical insights and data in one easy-to-use and centralized platform. With clients like Uber, Vodafone and IKEA among the organizations that use Sprinklr to learn all they can about their customers, Sprinklr’s third-party integration is yet another reason why it’s an industry leader.


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