Wisdom from PR Daily’s Top Women in Marketing honorees

Beautiful lessons to be learned.

Top Women In Marketing Awards

Earning a PR Daily Top Women in Marketing Award takes years of hard work, creative thinking and glass ceiling busting.

When these remarkable women took the stage at the awards luncheon in October, we asked them a simple question: 

What would you tell your younger self?  

The honorees gave heartfelt, thoughtful answers as they reflected on the path that led them here, to the stage, spotlight and adulation of their peers.  

“That which makes you weird makes you special,” said Tatiana Lyons, managing director of Klick Health. 

“Perfectionism is really an illusion, so don’t play it safe.” Julie Hernandez, vice president, Gout Marketing for Horizon Therapeutics, offered. 

“Takes chances on yourself. I’ve had such opportunities because I saw problems that I wanted to solve. I found the right advocates to help me and now I have a really great opportunity to share,” said Jamie Whalen, director of social media at Ivanti. 

Watch the video for more insight from these inspirational professionals – and start preparing your own entry for the 2024 class of winners.  



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