A comprehensive look at likely changes in communications

We asked communicators in the 2021 Communications Benchmark Report what changes they anticipate will occur over the next three-to-five years. Turns out they were spot on, at least so far.


Sometimes it’s valuable to review priorities lists after they’re produced, to see how they stood the test of time, and whether predictions were borne out. In that spirit we took a look at the changes communicators anticipated for the year in Ragan’s 2021 Communications Benchmark Report.

The report, based on a survey in January and February, details how communicators anticipated their work is likely to change over the next three-to-five years.

It turns out that their outlook was spot on, at least so far. And there’s a lot to be learned from what they expect to change and what they don’t, as measured by their responses.


These are some of the fascinating and essential findings in the 2021 Communications Benchmark Report. DE&I and remote communications top the list. Brand journalism and advocacy are in the middle. Importantly, a significant number of respondents, 26% view the burgeoning field of workplace wellness as a major change for the communications discipline in the years ahead.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Communications Benchmark Report 2021]


These compelling findings are just a small fraction of the key findings from the third annual Communications Benchmark Report, an exclusive study from Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council, that reveals a range of sentiments and best-laid plans during a very dynamic time.


Download a copy of Ragan’s third annual Communications Benchmark Report executive summary here. To obtain a full copy of Ragan’s 2021 Communications Benchmark Report become a member of the Communications Leadership Council. Click here for more details.



One Response to “A comprehensive look at likely changes in communications”

    Ronald N Levy says:

    Notice that this excellent PR Daily report by Tony Silber focuses on what CHANGES are expected. If we look at where’s the big PR emphasis NOW,
    we can judge that PR leaders are communicating what the PUBLIC cares about most: health, money and happiness as reported in the comment on the “How to make the shift” report.

    “What have they done for me lately” is the public’s justified question in evaluating a company. So more and more companies are being guided by the great PR firms to look at “what ARE we doing for them lately.” and “what MORE can we do to increase the public’s health, money and happiness?”

    Some managements don’t give much of a damn about the public’s health, money and happiness but we can guess who in the coming years–which managements and which PR people–will do better, those who care and communicate more about public benefit or those who care and communicate less.

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