Employee and external comms are top priorities at bigger organizations

Size of the company matters for CEOs when thinking about their communications needs.


The bigger your company, the more likely it is that your CEO is relying on communications for employee engagement and external messaging.

In a new survey from Harris X and Ragan Communications, CEOs of medium and large companies are more likely to say that the most important role for communicators is supporting the CEO on employee and external comms.

For smaller organizations, defining the purpose of the company is more likely to be a priority for CEOs and their comms teams.

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Interestingly, speaking to company shareholders and acting as a storyteller for the company are not high priorities for CEOs when thinking about counsel from their comms leads. Instead, being a counselor to the CEO is a vital service that top leaders are looking for in thinking about the role of a comms leader.

It’s a reminder for communicators to think about how they can build relationships with top executives and be strategic advisors—perhaps investing in soft skills that enable them to be teachers and guides rather than order-takers.

You can see the full set of takeaways and recommendations, along with all the data from the Harris X/Ragan survey, here.


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