Follow the 5 C’s to avoid employee burnout

With so many facing heavy workloads, remote work headaches and competing obligations, it’s essential to find ways to find balance.


Just when you think you are at capacity, more keeps coming.  Sound familiar?

The spirited and innovative entrepreneurs we work with are securing new opportunities for their businesses. They are keeping everyone around them motivated and taking the time to come up with fresh ideas.  In their “spare” time, they are making new connections virtually.  And on top of everything, they are reprioritizing their budget and making even better use of their time.  And they are loving every intensely busy second of it.

That’s because, if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.  When we undertake new tasks, we often start by experiencing a high, ready to take them on headfirst.  It’s important to keep the joy in your daily tasks in order to feel fulfilled in your life.

Work productivity is a concept that can be easily altered by your mindset and simple adjustments.  It’s so important to have fun!

When we set out on our new tasks, it’s important to incorporate authentic enjoyment into our habits. Not only can you get your work done, but you can also achieve excellent results just by making sure you have a little fun throughout the day.  (Signs of that include smiles and laughter.)

Working smart gives you the room to get it done without burning out.  When we work, we want to make the most out of the time we have with the tasks at hand.  It’s important to take a moment to evaluate a plan of action but remember to give yourself the space to accomplish it all.  It’s important to know how to change your mindset to align with your work goals and stay positive.

Here are five C’s for feeling good about getting it all done and creating a bridge to get to the other side:

  • Curious. Be open. Embrace your passions and watch amazing things get done.  If you don’t see why a challenge is interesting, look harder.
  • Concentrate. Focus and fully immerse yourself in the task at hand as if nothing else exists. Multi-tasking wastes time.
  • Care. If you care about what you do, you will get it done. Not having time to get it done is a sign that you don’t care.  When you are going too fast, slow down.
  • Commit. If you decide to do something, don’t flake on yourself. If you want it to, you can make it happen.
  • Charm. Passion is infectious and should show in all your communications.

These five C’s will help you navigate and alter the way you work. When you are faced with a new task, you’ll feel ready to accomplish it with the goals you set out for yourself.  Taking each day as it comes will help you create a place where you feel motivated, engaged, and productive.  These tips will help build a bridge to a new way of tackling task management and help you come out with more done on the other side.


Meditating for 30 seconds or even three hours can also help maximize your output. Setting aside time each day is more important than assigning a time requirement. Positive visualization can help you see what you want to happen and act as if it has happened.  You can keep visible notes of what you want to accomplish. My refrigerator, windows and mirrors have notes that keep me in line.

Sitting for too long will cause your blood flow to slow. It’s good to make sure you’re getting up, walking around and shaking everything out from head to toe.  Comfortable clothes or performance items like compression socks or compression shorts can be a good investment, too.

Taking the time to make sure your health and your workspace have all that it needs to succeed will help you stay productive and happy.

Nancy Trent is the founder of Trent & Company.


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