How Fourtold’s Christina Fee stays organized during COVID-19

This PR pro is holding onto her planner—a leather bound Leuchtturm1917, but she also takes advantage of modern tools, like Zoom.


During this crisis, it’s crucial to be able to clear your mind—or “download” into an external source.

Why not put your thoughts into a planner? The old school organizational tool is a must for Christina Fee, a director with Fourtold Ltd, a corporate reputation and communications firm in the U.K.

She spoke with us about her tools and tips for managing during these difficult times and still providing exceptional counsel and services to clients as part of our “Day in the Life” series.

Here’s what she has to offer:

1. How much coffee do you drink during a day?

Fee: None really. I’m more of a herbal tea person. I do like a latte, but only occasionally drink those—and usually decaf. I normally start the day with a Berocca, or hot water with a slice of lemon, and then try and drink as much water as I can during the day.

2. Who is the most important person you talk to every day?

Fee: In a non-work capacity—my family—especially my teenage son. It’s been really important to stay tuned in to him and how he has been feeling during lockdown, especially as he was meant to sit his GCSEs this summer.

In a work capacity, my colleagues at Fourtold. We’ve had to fine-tune our collaboration and communication to work faster and more efficiently in the absence of being able to see each other and connect face-to-face across our desks in the office.

3. How much of your day is spent on Zoom calls?

Fee: It varies. On a “meeting heavy day” I can spend six to eight hours on video calls, other times it might be three to four hours. When I have days where I am on calls back to back, those days definitely feel more intense.

4. What’s a tool you couldn’t live without right now?

Fee: I’m going to cheat and name a few: My Uniball Air pens (my handwriting is appalling when I use biros). I have them in a few colors and because I am quite a visual person, I find them useful in sketching and mapping thoughts and ideas whether it be for internal projects for Fourtold, or client presentations.

Additionally, the notes facility on my phone for list making and my fuschia pink leather A5 Leuchtturm1917 diary planner. Being able to download from my crowded brain, especially during this lockdown period when the lines between work and home have become blurred, keeps me sane

5. What’s been the biggest change you’ve faced since the pandemic started?

Fee: Probably, like many of us, having my son home and out of school since March and not seeing family and friends at all, or as often as I would have liked. And although I am a seasoned home-worker, waking up to home and office being the same place did initially take some getting used to.

6. Are you still working from home? If so, what’s been your favorite part of WFH?

Fee: Not commuting has brought me even more joy than I thought possible. I feel even more productive as a result and have enjoyed finding creative new ways to communicate with colleagues, family and friends. A lot of the time I probably work longer hours than I did when I was in the office, but now when I finish, I enjoy a five second commute into the kitchen or living room to hang out with my family.

7. What’s your No.1 message to clients, co-workers or employees for the rest of 2020?

Fee: As we emerge from the lockdown, there’s a huge opportunity to embrace learnings from the period of enforced remote working and new ways to communicate with audiences by being creative in our use of digital tools. At Fourtold, we are constantly learning and trying to take a long-range view of the future. We’re thinking deeply about how we can leverage successes from this year so far, to continue to be innovative, push boundaries and deliver excellent products and services for our clients while acknowledging that society and industry have been permanently transformed by this pandemic.

8. What makes you hopeful about the future of PR? Any big predictions for 2021?

Fee: The societal and industrial transformation caused by COVID-19 means that PR and Comms have never been more pivotal. I think we’re going to see many campaigns and change programs driven by companies needing to demonstrate and reinforce to their audiences, their position on health and wellbeing, sustainability and diversity among other issues – and they’ll need to up their game in terms of how they integrate digital and social storytelling tools into their approach. So, our work is much needed and will be under the spotlight even more.



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