Infographic: 5 trends social media managers should follow

Looking to switch up your social content? This infographic provides five stats that all social media marketers should know.

Regardless of whether your company has completely abandoned Facebook or you’re waiting with bated breath to see what Elon Musk eventually does to Twitter, social media strategy is a must for any successful organization.

This infographic from Red Website Design shows five things to know as you continue to build your social media presence:


  1. Personal information, news and professional information are shared the most on social media channels. Newsjacking, the practice of tying your brand’s products or services to breaking or recent news, can come in handy when you’re trying to get engagement — just be sure to tread carefully when it comes to sensitive topics.
  2. Video and visual content is the most engaging. If you haven’t already invested in your organization’s social video strategy, now is the time. Try starting with YouTube, which research shows bests TikTok as users’ preferred short-form video platform.
  3. Fashion and food & drink brand accounts are the most popular worldwide. We’ve all seen the provocatively funny Wendy’s brand Twitter account. It’s worth responding to and engaging with these already-popular brand accounts to siphon some views and engagement.
  4. Twitter is the only platform where people post more negative sentiments than positive ones. If you’re looking to stay away from disgruntled customers or company critics, head to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest — those four sites also lend themselves more to visual messaging than Twitter does.
  5. Automobile, electronics and sportswear logos are the most commonly shown logos in photos. Unless your logo is globally recognizable, be wary of overloading your influencer partners with sponsored content. Studies have shown that audiences think paid posts come across as less authentic.

The most important social media tactic is continuing to try new things as your audiences change and grow. See if one or more of these tips lends itself to a new aspect of your social media strategy.


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