Interdependence PR’s Matthew Aversa: ‘Practice patience’

The vice president of entertainment for his agency shares top tools and tactics for finding your groove in comms in a hectic year.


As the COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt return-to-work plans and reopenings, threatening another round of restrictions and shutdowns, it’s helpful to think back to the lessons of 2020.

For Matthew Aversa, vice president of entertainment with Interdependence PR, that boils down to one key word: patience. We caught up with him recently to discuss his takeaways from a year unlike any other and what is on his mind as we head into more of the unknown.

Matthew Aversa

Here’s what he had to share for our latest in the “Day in the Life” series:

1. What’s the first thing you do every day when you wake up?

Aversa: The first thing that I do every day when I wake up is turn on the news and get a full download of what’s happening around the world. I then make myself a strong cup of coffee and get ready for the day ahead.

2. Who is the most important person you talk to every day?

Aversa: My husband is the most important person that I talk to every day. After him, me entire team. That way I can get a feel for what’s most important on our list of things to do.

3. When do you plan to go back into the office? Do you want to go back?

Aversa: Right now, we don’t have any solid plans to go back to the office. We work very efficiently remotely, but we do schedule a bi-weekly in-person meeting.

4. What’s a new tool you have discovered that you just can’t live without?

Aversa: I have discovered a few new tools as well as rediscovered a few. Trello has always been a friend and Asana is becoming my new go-to for account management.

5. What was your favorite work memory from the past year?

Aversa: My favorite work memory from 2020 was seeing all of the exciting work that I was able to accomplish for clients during a crazy time. It’s pretty wonderful to see how communities come together in a time of need.

6. What has been the biggest “lesson learned” from 2020?

Aversa: My biggest lesson learned in my career would be to always have a web of connections. As a publicist you should always have your 5 “friendlies.” After you have those, you then need to determine who five “friendlies” are for each of your separate clients.

7. What’s your No.1 message to clients, co-workers or employees for 2021?

Aversa: My No. 1 message for clients, co-workers and employees for 2021 is to truly practice patience. There is going to be a lot of movement within the media and PR industries, but as experts in the field it is our job to stay on top of that movement.

8. What makes you hopeful about the future of PR?

Aversa: What makes me hopeful about the future of PR is seeing all of the incredible new minds that are entering the field. The ideas and thoughtfulness surrounding client campaigns blow me away!


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