Revisiting the basics: The importance of clarity in communications

It’s time to get back to basics with comms.

Clarity in communications

Georgette Pascale is an authentic storyteller/communications specialist and NYWICI member.

We’re inundated nearly daily with opportunities to add iterative, helpful and exciting tools like AI to our arsenals. These technologies promise to assist and promote effective communication whatever industry we are in — but the tried and true “comms with clarity” hasn’t changed much at all for years. Put aside age, gender, occupation, geography, institution, title, political stance, etc.: clarity is a must for communications professionals.  

However, it’s more than just at work: If I can connect with my teenage son by sending an inspirational meme or a funny Reel via socials, that might be the laugh and connection we both need on a given day. This informal, casual style of communicating doesn’t require planning: You just meet people where they already are.  



Taking the lesson from our personal lives, we can incorporate it into our work lives. Being consistent, timely, accurate and most importantly, able to react in a responsive, direct, educated, thoughtful way is important. But HOW you communicate is what your audience will remember.  

When I started a virtual communications agency nearly two decades ago, people thought I was silly. Very pre-pandemic, I was simply a young mom that knew how and where I worked didn’t necessarily have to determine my success, direction, respectand efficiency that my concept could provide.  

At the time, virtual work wasn’t for everyone (it never is), yet my responsive and tailored touch for each client was accepted by those visionaries who understood it in early days. My team flourished because clarity and connections — and reaching our targets where they already were — were always at the forefront.   

Fast forward to today. As a former CEO, single mother, public speaker and serial entrepreneur, I can attest that communication is the root and source of all success, the very first piece of the client service puzzle.  

As technology advances and becomes easier to implement, it means that we cannot and should not forget the basics of communications that truly make an initial impact and create a first impression. Productivity does not equal hours, and a million emails sent doesn’t equate to new business or clear comms. Gone are the days of copy/ paste.  

You can still be a modern-day ‘G’ using the new tools and still embody the proven ‘OG’ ways of communications. It will make your path smoother and much more productive. Your first step: start with the HOW. You’ll always know the WHY and will need educate yourself on the WHAT. But it’s channel-first to leave that personal touch in a world that is quickly being dominated by AI-generated conversations.  If it’s possible to leave a voice message via text or a quick video with a message that can portray emotion and tone better than an oft dreaded email, then DO IT!  

Today, it’s more important than ever before to build bridges. Bottom line: It’s great to accept the new additives that make every form of comms, but crucial to respect the channels that deliver on authenticity.  




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