Your opinion needed: Character Barometer

Ragan and Peppercomm seek the experiences of communications professionals for their second quarterly Character Barometer.

Character barometer

Brands continue to face pressure from diverse audiences to speak out — in multiple directions — on a wide variety of social and political issues.

To track how communicators and their organizations are responding to these demands, Ragan Communications and Peppercomm are seeking responses to their second quarterly Character Barometer, which gauges how, when and why organizations choose to speak out and take action.

Please participate in this brief survey by Jan. 27. All respondents will receive a full report on findings as well as a $150 coupon to Ragan conferences, trainings and more.

See the results of the first Character Barometer, where we learned that most brands are hesitant to speak out despite public demand, and add your voice to this quarter’s findings.

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One Response to “Your opinion needed: Character Barometer”

    Ronald N Levy says:

    Many of us can get more happiness and money via PASE, Public Appreciation Score Enhancement.

    Each company could be given a Public Appreciation Score reflecting public love or hate for that company. Our PR work can do PASE, Public Appreciation Score ENHANCEMENT that increases company popularity and individual success.

    Company popularity problems in Washington caused many of these market capitalization losses in 2022: Facebook $464 billion, Tesla $672 billion, Microsoft $737 billion, Amazon $834 billion, and Apple $846 billion. Multibillion dollar losses! Less popular companies though top quality get it in the neck from regulators and then in market capitalization from investors. But could each of these five companies have lost $50 billion less last year if it had early spent $5 billion or even $1 billion on PASE?

    The wish for a “healthy and happy new year” shows how we value health even before happiness. Cancer is a feared health hazard so could a company win over 100 million American fans by having a company back an allstar anti-cancer professor at a great university?

    Leukemia and other cancers kill over ten million people a year worldwide, MDS is a pre-leukemia disease, and Columbia University’s Dr. Azra Raza is the world’s top expert on MDS. Other universities lead research into other diseases. If a CEO and Dr. Raza or another professor announce a project to “stop MDS from killing so many innocent Americans,” would 90% of Washington’s political leaders likely oppose any proposal that could lower that company’s ability to support health research?

    There are many more diseases, more allstar doctor-professors and more opportunities to protect health. Columbia’s Dr. Raza is one of the topmost, and Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Dr. Prioty Islam heads a team that may be one of the world’s very brightest and best staffed. Many other major hospitals also have research superstars.

    What could finance more efforts and make a huge health hunt happen would be more awareness of PASE opportunities, more recognition that the world and our companies may benefit immensely from more billion dollar PR projects. It’s not entirely generosity because there is wisdom in the idea: “Give and ye shall receive.”

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