Help us benchmark the career of social media pros

Want to know how your peers are faring in their career? How they’re valued at their org? Take our survey and get the answers.


The Institute for Public Relations, Ragan Communications, and the University of Florida are conducting a follow-up survey to their 2020 report, “The Career Path of a Social Media Professional.”

This wave of the survey investigates and illuminates the career path potential of social media professionals. It also sheds light on how social media is being managed, viewed and evaluated within organizations. Here are some highlights from our 2020 report.

We invite you to take this survey whether you’re in charge of social media for your company or are involved in some aspect of social media for a client. All responses will remain confidential.

As a thank-you for taking the survey, you’ll receive a copy of the full report, which promises to be chock-full of valuable data for benchmarking and budgeting purposes. The report will be shared on PR Daily and at upcoming PR Daily social media conference programming.

Take the survey today!


One Response to “Help us benchmark the career of social media pros”

    Ronald N Levy says:

    A good reason to take the surveys and enter the contests for awards–on top of the fun and possible honor of winning and being quoted–is money. HR people who hire PR talent often have little idea of what to look for but if they see that PR Daily has given an award, they sense that this candidate must be good or maybe great and that helps HR people pick one from among many.

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