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Ragan Insider   |  Michael Sebastian

Top 10 Twitter analytics tools

PR Daily Europe contributor Adam Vincenzini premiered a new feature on his blog; it’s called “Toolkit Tuesdays,” and in the first edition he lists 10 tools that will improve your performance on Twitter. Read on.

Ragan Insider   |  MIchael Sebastian

How to reach bicultural Latinos

By 2015, one-third of the U.S. population 19 and younger is predicted to be Hispanic. Problem is marketing to Latinos in the U.S. has never been more complicated. There are not only cross-cultural differences based on the country of origin and where they live in the U.S., but myriad choices of media to reach this growing population segment. Edelman PR’s  Andy Checo has some great advice on reaching bicultural Latinos through the media and through cultural connections. — Claire Celsi

Ragan Insider   |  Alan Pearcy

Last chance to register for the PR Daily webinar that will turn you into a blogging all-star

Want to learn how to start a killer blog on the WordPress platform? Maybe you already have a WordPress blog and you want to find out how to kick it up a notch. Tomorrow’s PR Daily webinar can help you take care of that. After just one hour, you’ll be packed with knowledge on successful blogging. This is a can’t miss event — and you only have one day left to register! Learn more about it here .