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social media changes this week including Threads

What’s going on, PR and comms pros? It’s a new week and a fresh start with social media happenings. And there’s been a lot, especially last week with the official debut of Threads. Let’s not waste time — here’s what’s new during one of the most disruptive weeks in recent social media history.



Threads launched to a great deal of fanfare and has already racked up more than 100 million users. The Meta-owned platform is text-based where people can post threads (think tweets) in a safe, friendly environment. It’s benefited greatly from its connection to Instagram, easily allowing people to create new accounts and port over the people they follow. Read our Threads guide for communicators here and see some of the most interesting brand uses of the new platform so far.

But the latest “Twitter killer” is already facing some heat from Twitter threatening a lawsuit.


Twitter was under fire – again – last week when it limited the number of tweets users could look at in a day for the sake of security. Twitter also faced backlash after with the announcement that TweetDeck would only be available to Twitter Blue users. TweetDeck’s old format is still available — for now.

Twitter wants to give people more control over who direct messages them to decrease spam, according to Social Media Today. More than likely just Twitter Blue subscribers can opt for message requests to be sent from Verified users and people they follow only, from people who they follow or from everyone. Happy DM’ing.

Also, Twitter is finally bringing back content, like tweets, to Google searches, Search Engine Roundtable reported. Last week (see intro) unregistered (or signed out) platform users could not see tweets or via Google them. In the last 24 hours, though, Twitter changed how unregistered users can view tweets on Google Search and on Twitter. While users can see a tweet they are still being asked to sign in.



ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, recently announced the launch of  music production app Ripple. Currently invite-only, Ripple will let musicians and creators develop audio on the app, TechCrunch reported. Stay tuned for more updates.

TikTok Creative Challenge intends to bring creators to the center of making content through a new in-app feature, TikTok shared. The feature lets creators submit a video advertisement to brands as part of the challenge. The winner receives an award according to how well they’ve done. The Creative Challenge lets creators authentically connect to brands — and get rewarded for it.

TikTok is also looking to create more opportunities for monetization by adding subscriber-only videos to its platform,. The exclusive videos are for people who have a LIVE Subscription. The subscriber-only videos lets creators connect more meaningfully with their subscribers through comments, likes and replies.



WhatsApp now allows users to transfer their entire chat history from the same operating system without leaving the app, according to a tweet from WhatsApp. Through Chat Transfer, WhatsApp users can seamlessly transfer their memories and conversations onto another phone. Now those juicy text messages won’t ever be lost again.



LinkedIn users wanting to expand their audience can turn on creator mode from their profile, the site announced. The creator can share hashtags to show the topics they’re most interested in . LinkedIn members can more easily find your content, too. To turn on creator mode, users click their profile page, “View Profile,” scroll to “Resources” and click on the “Creator mode” button. Then add topics that interest you and get to creating. To turn it off go back to your profile, scroll to “Resources” and turn creator mode off.


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