How to build empathy into your company culture

Learn firsthand from Nationwide, Allstate, Cisco and others on how they infuse their culture with empathy—and the business results doing so creates.


Bringing an empathetic mindset to culture, leadership and communications has never been more important than it has over the past year.

As the world re-opens, the need for empathy isn’t over. Learning what empathy is and threading it into your culture should remain a top priority.

“Empathy is doing a much better job in understanding what your employees are dealing with,” says Matthew Young, director of internal communi­cations and community relations at ABB. “Empathy has changed the game because it is a direct emotional connection to the employee instead of just logic. You could say we have moved from employee engagement to employee experience to employee empathy.”

To help your efforts, we created an executive summary of an exclusive report from Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council, “A Communicator’s Guide to Building Empathy into Your Culture,” to show how cultivating empathy in culture, leadership, and internal communications is the solution for clearer messaging to employees.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to build an empathy-first culture
  • How to work with leadership to courage empathy
  • Techniques to help managers infuse empathy in their day-to-day communication
  • Case studies of empathy in action from leading organizations, including Cisco, Nationwide and Allstate
  • And much more

Making space to listen to the stories behind the demographics, being authentic and transparent about decision-making, and gathering data to better understand what employ­ees are going through will lead to impactful, more empathetic communications.

Download your copy of “A Communicator’s Guide to Building Empathy into Your Culture” today.


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