How to get audiences to watch branded videos


An image showing the headshot of katrina marger of PlayPlay, who spoke during a PR Daily Power Conversation

Struggling to stop the scroll? Video is the answer, said Katrina Marger, video content advisor at video creation PlayPlay, in conversation with editor Sean Devlin at PR Daily’s 2024 Social Media Conference.

A report PlayPlay conducted last year with Hubspot showed that, compared to static content, video results in 1200% more and a 200% increase in clickthroughs.

And of course, to boost engagement rates, keep the audience watching. Keep it short and sweet for social media — many advise a maximum of 60 seconds, but the snappier the better, and link out to longer content if needed. Ensure that videos draw viewers in with a punchy headline, compelling visuals and a thumbnail that makes audiences want to know more.

Plus, captions aren’t just about accessibility; many viewers watch on silent, and the text can draw the eye more effectively than a solo talking head without it. “Subtitles are a must,” she said. “They increase views by 80%.”

Marger also suggested creating a compelling hook in the first three seconds, which is pretty standard advice — but she then suggested applying the same principle to the rest of the video. Change up the angle, the shot or the visuals every three seconds to keep viewers’ attention.

Keep watching to learn how Marger recommends approaching effective calls to action that perform, and find out what metrics can help you improve performance with every video.


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