How to improve your ESG storytelling without greenwashing

Just about everyone cares about your environmental, social and governance work — and they can tell when it’s honest

Once a niche of focus for investor relations, ESG has gone mainstream. Consumers, employees and the media all want to know how your mission is driving your actions — in a way they can comprehend.

Communicators have the task of using great storytelling principles to bring these stories to life with impact and meaning. In this white paper from Ragan Consulting Group, “How to make ESG part of your communications strategy,” you’ll learn ways to make your ESG storytelling compelling and effective.

This primer will provide you with nine key areas for evaluating the success of your content and other helpful tips including:

  • Why ESG matters for all organizations, not just publicly held companies
  • How to elevate your ESG reporting, content creation, publishing and distribution
  • Using data as your “secret sauce” for success
  • Finding stories where data and humans meet
  • Why ESG content should be part of your regular mix
  • And more

Download Ragan Consulting Group’s free guide today and start telling the story of your organization’s ESG mission.


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