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Ragan Insider   |  {/%BYLINE%} {%AUTHOR%}Alan Pearcy{/%AUTHOR%} {%TITLE%}#TheDailySpin: Study says the color pink hurts fundraising efforts{/%TITLE%} {%ALTERNATIVEURL%}{/%ALTERNATIVEURL%} {%IMAGE%}/Uploads/Public/love-pink-pants.jpg{/%IMAGE%} {%ROLE%}87d65c27-6e78-4e5c-b423-78d47d4f2768{/%ROLE%} {%KICKER%}Media Relations{/%KICKER%} {%CATEGORIESID%}9b04de1d-f7bc-4de7-842e-c9c833ff24e9{/%CATEGORIESID%} {%CAPTION%}And pink’s not the only culprit. Plus, the Google+ expert emerges, Publicis CEO grooms a few replacements, the No. 1 smartphone,, more.{/%CAPTION%} {%BODYCOPY%}Does the color pink help fuel support for breast cancer? Not so much, according to a new study. In fact, the study says the color pink actually hurts fundraising efforts. But it’s not just pink. “We would argue that the use of [visual things associated with women are] counterproductive to the goals of breast cancer fundraising,” the study’s authors say. Here comes another resume-builder—Google+ expert. Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Levy, looking ahead to his 70th birthday in February, has a few grasshoppers in training to succeed him whenever he should step down. Speaking of grasshoppers, did you know that Skittles shine comes from crushed insect cocoons, more commonly referred to as shellac? Oddly enough, I failed to detect it in the taste of my rainbow. Here are nine more everyday foods made with disgusting ingredients. Looks like the Clear Creek Independent School District isn’t too concerned with advertisers targeting children. In fact, they’re hoping for it. After legislators in Texas cut school funding by $4 billion, they state’s second largest district opted to sell ad space on its buses to help fund the multimillion-dollar budget shortfall. Another state looking for some extra funding via transit advertising is Illinois, where the Secretary of State’s office will research the idea of placing corporate logos on vehicle license plates. Meanwhile, Casey Anthony’s personal fundraising efforts aren’t going so well as she shops around the first interview since her release (sans Hustler’s Larry Flynt offer on the table). NBC denies it took part in a bidding war for the coveted Anthony interview. A war NBC will be fighting—one against the Parents Television Council. The PTC has admonished network affiliates to drop the yet-to-be-aired series “The Playboy Club,” claiming the ’60s era piece “glorifies, glamorizes” the porn industry. Guess the No. 1 smartphone maker in the world. You’re right; it’s Apple. But, I bet you didn’t know it only recently became No. 1, overtaking this brand. And finally, it’s time for this workweek to make like the dinosaurs, go extinct. Have a great weekend … RAWR! (Image via){/%BODYCOPY%} {%ID%}9073{/%ID%} {%DATAID%}e9f37f78-21ab-4281-8f07-1535128c799b{/%DATAID%} {%CanonicalUrl%}{/%CanonicalUrl%} {%PUBLISHDATE%}7/29/2011 1:58:59 PM{/%PUBLISHDATE%} {%LINK%}{/%LINK%} {%BYLINE%}

#TheDailySpin: Study says the color pink hurts fundraising efforts

And pink’s not the only culprit. Plus, the Google+ expert emerges, Publicis CEO grooms a few replacements, the No. 1 smartphone, and more.