KFC’s successful campaign provides relief to communities throughout pandemic

The fried chicken chain donated food and funds to its employees and neighborhoods within its communities. Its campaign has earned first place in the Crisis Communications Campaign category of PR Daily’s 2020 Content Marketing Awards.


Supporting its communities is in KFC’s DNA.

So, when COVID-19 struck the communities it served, the fried chicken restaurant jumped into action with its Feeding Our Communities campaign.

It tapped its philanthropic partners and charitable organizations to help address major issues facing KFC employees and communities during the pandemic. KFC also created surveys and a Facebook page to identify employees’ concerns and keep morale up.

Among the achievements throughout the campaign were a $400,000 donation made to its corporate partner Blessings in a Backpack that helped feed 100,000 elementary school children impacted COVID-19, and it worked with its Harvest program to donate more than 600,000 meals.

Positive coverage for its campaign ran in major outlets, including The Tonight Show, Ad Age, Forbes and Eater. In total, earned media resulted in more than 1,000 articles and 2.6 billion impressions.

Its social media efforts received 3,450 posts and nearly 235 million impressions.

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